More Tricks in a Deck

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More Tricks in a Deck

Product description:
Help sent my kids to college...
They make and sell these instantly resetting, self-working,
double-bluff, easily handled, fits in your pocket magic tricks.
$10.00 each or 2 decks for 15.00

One card deck that performs 3 amazing (yet secretly simple) card tricks. For stage or walk around, big crowds or one-on-one, you’ll amaze them all.

Trick One - Three audience members freely select a card. You successfully announce the selected cards. Can be done with the magician never touching the deck.

Trick Two - A great trick for one on one magic experiance. Your new friend picks a card and, with out looking your select the exact card from the deck, with out looking.

Trick Three - A good comedy gag or clown bit! Get laughs with the stupidly simple "Pick A Card Any Card" magic trick.

item # 5-123 $10.00 plus $4.00 shipping
Item # 5-123-2 $15.00 plus $6.00 shipping

2 Decks