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Giving Back
with Ronald McDonald...

... is all about helping students learn how to share their time, talent, and gifts in a variety of ways with their family, friends, school, civic organization, church and community.

Interactive fun, an eye popping puppet, and great magic capture the attention. The real trick is to reinforce the magic of Citizenship helping our community helping our neighbors... helping our friends which helps ourselves.

Ronald McDonald in his fun and warm way helps your children recognize that regardless of their age or ability everyone can "Give Back"!

The all new Giving Back with Ronald McDonald® show has been endorsed by Dr. Michelle Borba, noted author and contributor to NBCs Today Show. Here is a brief quote from her endorsement. I applaud McDonald's® new Giving Back with Ronald McDonald® show. Ronald McDonald®- in his fun and warm way- helps our children recognize that they can become heroes in just simple ways: lending a hand, stepping up for what's right, and giving back."

The spokesman for Ronald McDonald Childrens Charities and the Ronald McDonald Houses, Ronald lives the message shared in this show. The McDonalds Franchises create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and well being of children and their communities.

Remember: Everyone can help someone in someway everyday.


Show Infomation & Requirements.

I. Running Time
-35 minutes from the time Ronald takes the stage.

-The show must start on the agreed upon show time for Ronald McDonald to fulfill other programming commitments.

-Ronald will check into the main office approximately 15 minutes before show time.

-A staff or adult volunteer is required to escort Ronald to the show area.

-The show area should be vacant during show set up.

-After the program, Ronald will have all show components cleared within 10 minutes of the students exodus.

II. Crowd Capacity
-This show plays comfortably to 250 students, but can accommodate an audience of up to / but not to exceed 400 total.

-This show is intended to be an all school assembly.

-You may qualify for more than one show if your school population exceeds 400 students or your facility does not adequately seat all students at one show.

-If you are hosting two shows, consider mixing the grades attending each performance. Example: first show audience Kindergarten, 2nd & 4th and the second show 1st, 3rd & 5th attending.

III. Audience range
- PreK-5 audience thoroughly enjoys Ronald's show.

- You are welcome to invite higher grades. We request they be seated in the rear of the audience

- You are welcome to invite PreKindergarten and PreSchoolers to Ronald's show. We request they be seated near the front, but to the side. Allow the younger attendees to sit clustered around their teachers. Attending assemblies is new for the young ones and sitting in a group can positively enhance their experience.

- We encourage invitations be extended to your area home schooled, high school mentors, theater members or performance enthusiasts.

IV. Requirements
-Ronald McDonald supplies his own sound system and all required show sets.

-Access to a 110 outlet within 25 feet of stage is needed.

-The show requires an 8' by 12' for set up and performance

-Shows are free to educational institutions, both public and private.

-Still photography is welcomed during the show, but video taping of the show is not allowed

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to your school?
- There is no charge to your school.
- Ronald McDonald appears as a community service - courtesy of your nearby McDonald's Restaurant.
- There are no take-homes or hand-outs required or supplied for this program.
-Please no gratuity, but appropriate gifts are okay.

Who will this show educate and entertain?
-This show is written to entertain and educate Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth grade students and their teachers too.
- This show is sponsored as an All-School Assembly. If all students do not participate in the presentation a show fee may be charged to your school. (Please see Crowd Capacity)

When is the show scheduled?
- The show is avalible August 2011 though May 2012.

What does your school need to do to qualify for this programming?
- Nothing. There is no obligation on the part of you, your staff or students to do anything with or for McDonald's to receive Ronald McDonald's educational programs.
- However, Ronald McDonald's shows are made available at no charge to the schools.
- In order to continue to offer the quality of programming we request your assistance:
- Send any and all thank you notes from staff and students to your local McDonald's restaurant
- Tell other schools about the Ronald McDonald School Show Tour. Please forward this email to your peers at other schools.